Lauro, Amandine, « Historicizing Sexual Violence in Central Africa (19th-20th centuries). Global Debates, Colonial Justice, African Sexualities »

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Amandine Lauro

This research project investigates the debates, challenges and policies related to sexual violence and its repression in DR-Congo between the second half of the 19th century (ca.1850) and the end of the 20th century (ca.1994). Using this spatial and chronological frame as a field of exploration, it aims to question historical ruptures and continuities in the construction of global discourses, legal logics and humanitarian projects linked to sexual violence in Africa. Particular attention will be devoted to the articulations of these constructions to ideas of gender, civilization, otherness and violence, as they were produced and circulated in Africa, in Europe and on the international stage. Through its historical approach, the project intends to illuminate the analysis of present-day sexual violence in Africa. Through its African and colonial perspectives, the project intends to contribute to the writing of a global history of sexual violence.